Etheruem is a decentralised software platform, launched in 2015, that enables the development of “Distributed Applications “(DApps) and “Smart Contracts”. Both of these technologies are already being rapidly developed, and will likely bring about lasting and disruptive changes in industries such as finance, healthcare and law, to name a few. Smart Contracts and DApps can be developed and run on Ethereum without the risk of fraud, delays, or interference from third parties. As well as being a decentralised software platform, Ethereum also includes a unique programming language, called Turing complete, which runs on the blockchain and allows developers to build DApps. The huge potential of Ethereum is already reflected in the strength of its crypto – token “ether” (ETH). Ethereum had a pre-sale ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for their token ether in 2014, which was met with overwhelming demand. Ether is used to make transactions and move around on the Ethereum platform. Thus, it is highly sought after by developers who want to build and run DApps inside Ethereum. Currently, Ethereum has the second largest market capitalization after bitcoin.