In 2017 the Alliance on Mobile Internet of Things was established in China. This has seen more that 140 companies join the alliance, which is working on establishing a system of testing, training, production and research for the Mobile Internet of Things. Some of the companies involved, such as China Unicom, are major entities employing hundreds of thousands of people and bringing in revenues in the tens of billions. Walton chain is now a key player in this alliance, positioning themselves to be a key link in the entire Chinese initiative. 

“At present, the information products being developed and promoted by the Company include integrated information storage and traceability system based on blockchain technology, integrated application of wireless sensor network system based on Internet of Things technology, network security management software for mobile applications, network routing technology for car networking, and more.” 

Waltonchain (WTC) has seen relatively horizontal movement for a while now, however, this period is definitely over. Walton and Mobile China will begin work on a global initiative to incorporate Waltonchain IoT this year. China’s IoT alliance includes companies such as China Mobile, Huawei and China Unicom. Although it is too early to say for sure what will eventuate from Waltonchain’s participation in this alliance, this is easily the biggest announcement in 2018 from a company in the crypto space.